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Download SmadAV 8.4 in the estimate would be no addition of several new techniques and new features hueristik yanng more sophisticated. such additions and improvements to false alarms, the addition of heuristic techniques for virus variants penginfeksi exe, and several other bug fixes.

SmadAV Rev. 2010. 8 was released with many new features and improvements that are specific to local eradication of the virus. Features such as Smad-Behavior that can identify new local virus that does not exist in database SmadAV of his behavior when infecting the system. Smad-Ray that can scan automatically flash when installed within a maximum of 5 seconds. SmadAV 2010 more stable and highly recommended to be combined with international anti-virus because it can only handle SmadAV local virus. Immunization flash (using autorun.inf folder) has been revised and previously there will be a confirmation so you can decide whether a flash is to dikebalkan or not.

Smadav for the latest version is faster at updating a user's participation is expected when a new virus variant found to immediately upload them and inform the official forum for faster smadav at follow up.

For information, the virus samples that users uploaded to the site, local spread of the virus is starting to fall dramatically in Indonesia. Perhaps this is due to the many local antivirus that can eradicate local viruses. And also because the users of Windows XP that have been reduced because some had to upgrade its operating system to Windows Vista or Windows 7 a very safe from viruses, especially viral infections locally. The spread of the virus in Indonesia, more dominated by viruses and malware international SmadAV certainly can not be overcome. You must and highly recommended to use the international anti perlindungkan computer.

I recommend antivirus avira Gunkan for easy, lightweight does not burden the pc / laptop in addition to the availability of the latest updates at any time less than nine times in one month so that your computer security alert.

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