cheat exp Hunting_House + Valentine and Xmas boss + Bunos


[Google Chrome] [Mozilla Firefox]



2. Spookcy edition  [DOWNLOAD]


1. Close all your browser and fiddler empty [do ctrl + a then press delete on the autoresponder]  
2. Clear cache using CCleaner  
3. Open your fiddler  
4. Check settings put checks on the enable automatic responses and permit pasthrough  
5. Drag / drop files  
6. Open bwoser you again  
7. Open NS

Spoocky Features: 
  [Valentine's Edition] - Instant on E, D, C, TP MISSION, MISSION DAILY, SPECIAL MISSION [Based on the level] - Gold Grade C mission in reward practice Naginata - Instant Chunin exam, Instant Jounin exams (for the Chunin and jounin mission after completing the last mission 5 / 5 is required to refresh / restart Ninja Saganya or press F5). - ONE HIT KILL HOUSE HUNTING [according to their level] - The old gift system [this cheat in peruntuk right for you who have many char] [YG SEND AND RECEIVE GIFT HRS HAVE THIS CHEAT!!] - Spoocky Exp 500 000 [Special to the already level 60, the mission is suitable for your pet leveling]

After you go to NS just go to the corner to the left you gift wrapping and send pictures to anyone who wrote on the go [sender and receiver must have gift this cheat] [This cheat in addressed to en ninja saga that has a lot]